Why Us?

Why trust The Members Card to deliver discounts on often-used goods and services? That’s a great question and one we hear often, so we’d like to run through the benefits of trusting this all-in-one approach to discounts on everything from dentist visits to over 340,000 retail stores.

All of the products and services that are in The Members Card network are wanted, needed and designed to save you money. Best of all, you’ll be able to visit businesses and professionals who accept The Members Card and are located close to you. The next question we often hear from those wondering why they should join us is how much money could The Members Card save you? With three levels of choice with membership prices of only $10.95 for Plan A, $16.95 for Plan B and $24.95 a month for Plan C, it is truly a bargain that’s hard to beat!

As an example, let’s assume you took advantage of only two products in one year: the Legal and Tax benefits. By getting your free standard will, you would be saving the nationwide average cost of $1,425. By using the free tax preparation of a 1040 IRS form, you would save the nationwide average cost of $273.

So, what does that mean for readers who are wondering why they should become a member? Over one year, you’ll pay approximately $299 for your Plan C, $24.95 a month membership– but the combined savings from the will, tax return would be $1,698. That would be enough savings for you to pay for your membership for more than five years at the Plan C, $24.95 a month level.

In addition to that, Members utilizing the MultiPlan can expect to receive 10% to 40% savings on most medical services at over 500,000 participating physicians, ancillary facilities, and hospitals.

With these vast savings in mind, we’re confident that we’ve satisfied the questions from those wondering “Why Us?” Join today and start saving.