Join Today!

Do you want access to discounts with a network of businesses that make your day-to-day life all the easier? Who wouldn’t? That’s why The Members Card is offering convenient ways to sign up and see all of the benefits that this program offers.

Becoming a member of The Members Card program has never been easier. In fact, membership dues of only $10.95 for Plan A, $16.95 for Plan B and $24.95 a month for Plan C will be automatically deducted from your choice of credit card, debit card, or payroll deduction (if available). In return, you’ll be able to present your Members Card at local businesses for discounts on medical needs, roadside assistance, legal assistance, dentist visits and so much more. By becoming a valued customer of The Members Card, you’ll even have access to free tax preparation services. With that in mind, those who want to join today shouldn’t delay. With such wide-spread convenience, who wouldn’t want to jump on the opportunity to join today?

If you received an informational postcard, e-mail or flyer or a “Rep #” from a representative of The Members Card, please enter that “Rep #” where indicated when joining.

If you do not have a “Rep #,” simply enter the code “a0001” when registering.

You will receive your membership package in the mail ready for you to use based on the Membership level you chose! It’s really that simple and those who’ve previously signed up and seen the benefits of The Members Card will tell you the same.