What is The Members Card?

We’re glad you asked! In short, The Members Card is your ticket to thousands of dollars in discounts with businesses all across your area for $10.95 to less than $25 per month with the choice of 3 levels of Membership – everyone can be a member! We provide discounts and convenient services all rolled into one convenient item. All you need to do is present this one card at network businesses to take advantage of the many services. To learn more about this great investment, visit the “Why Us” page for program details. In the meantime, we encourage you to get the membership package that can really save you money. What’s more, the Members Card can even pay for itself. By simply utilizing one or two of our benefits that come with this membership card, your savings could equal more of the monthly cost of the card.

The Members Card offers a truly great money-saving opportunity for you and your family. Day after day, year after year, our members save money on the products and services they use daily.

Why The Members Card?

The Members Card has been designed to offer outstanding value. You’ll quickly see that those searching for discount cards online are pleased with our results.


We boast 24 products and services designed to make your life easier and to save you money. Think a pharmacy discount card to help with medications or club membership cards for fitness purposes.

Residual Income

If you decide to represent The Members Card, every membership you sell increases your monthly income– month after month. It’s convenient, straight-forward and honest. Visit our “Representatives” page to learn more.

What Our Members Say

  • “I got into an accident and could not drive my car home. I called Roadside Assistance and they were so nice. They picked up my car in 30 minutes and delivered it to my house. It didn’t cost me anything! It was a wonderful experience. Not only did they pick my car up in record time, but they also worked hard to save me money and were very nice during the whole ordeal.”

    Jessica G., TX
  • “We saved $1,042, which is 25% off, on the cost of our daughter’s braces at a major chain. WOW!”

    Carolyn H., TX
  • “I save $70 a month on just one prescription with my discount card. I wouldn’t be able to afford it if I didn’t have your plan. Thanks a million!”

    Elizabeth R
  • “By using the discount card, I saved nearly half of the total expense for my prescription eye glasses. The eye exam fee plus the cost of two pairs of frames and lenses totaled nearly $600. With the discount program, my total was less than $350. Basically, I was able to get the second pair of glasses for free.”

    Darryll L., MO

Need Help?

Please contact our customer service if you face any problem We are always ready to help you anytime

888.277.4456 X601 | info@thememberscard.com